2014/05/13 The secret that KRC racing team to stay cool in summer

2014 Asian Formula Renault came to number 4,5,6 rounds, coming to the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia, in which was famous for hot racetrack. The average temperature was 36 degrees Celsius, and higher surface temperature was 55 degrees Celsius. It is not only a test of the performance of the rider's stamina and vehicle function, but also team members.

To all of the team staff, a good uniform can bring a good impression for the team, increase working efficiency, reduce physical consumption as well. This year, all the members of KRC team wear on high-tech fabrics uniforms developed by Men-Chuen. Beside the material is quite thin, it performs well with moisture wicking, anti UV and elimination of odor. These excellent high-tech fabrics, enhancing the overall performance of the KRC team invisible and assisting KRC team win the second place of Asian group in the heat of the Malaysian race.


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