2014/03/06 Pingtung transportation functional clothing design & production

Men-Chuen is a big company, which provides professional manufacture in Taiwan. We cooperated with clients including all the leading sports brands around the world. Men-Chuen provides not only production quality that satisfied clients, but also reach the consumer’s expectation of comfortable and easy wearing experience.

The main idea of Pingtung Transportation’s Logo design is P, T two capital letters as the abbreviation of the word "Ping Tung". The words P and T did the ribbon cutting cone, expressing the feeling of gradient and speed. Men-Chuen cited Pingtung transportation bright cosmos orange design Logo, embroidered on the right arm of the effect of rendering the finishing touch.

customized production 
100% MIT
Functional elements of moisture wicking, Anti UV, Antibacterial
   and deodorizing
Fair price