2014/02/25 Ground breaking ceremony of Men-Chuen new factory in Vietnam
Due to the global economic trend and trading systems changes, for example Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP), and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, Men-Chuen keeps brainstorming how to take our enterprise into new level in recent years, and how to use stable steps to face so many changes to make Men-Chuen not only improve step by step but also grow and break through the framework sustainably.

Men-Chuen has arranged orders to Vietnam area since 2011. Through of three years times and efforts, we already built a solid foundation. By evaluating cautiously, in order to develop sustainably and grow continuously in textile industry, Men-Chuen decides to station in Vietnam and extend productivity actively.
  Since the second half year of 2013, Men-Chuen has finished applying for all kinds of licenses, and found 35000 m2 of ground in Giang Dien industrial park. We scheduled to build a formal construction from March. We would build the factory and test machines in the third quarter and officially started working in the fourth quarter.

Thanks for the help of beneath units during that period, including Sonadezi industry chiefs, Sonacons constructive teams, Best Sum Technology electronic engineering accuracy plan. Men-Chuen could finish whole plan in such a short term due to everybody’s assistance. We wish to create a whole new dimension. Expecting Men-Chuen will have new base in Vietnam soon, pace into future and expand to the future of success as well.