2014/12/20 Men-Chuen Chinese checkers competition

1. Object of activity︰

In order to encourage our intelligence, determination, coherence and enhance friendship between Men-Chuen’s members, we invite all the staffs from Neihu and their relatives to have fun with each others. Showing our passion, intelligence and endurance besides internal work by puzzle game. We can cultivate patient and willpower, learn how to improve in failure and practice diligently in triumph, utilizing that spirit on work. By this activity, we can increase our enterprise value. Making a kind enterprise culture and increase productivity by raising staff’s sense of belonging.

2. Racing content︰

1. Competition system : Group match

2. Date : Dec.20th(sat)9:00AM~12:00PM

3. Location : 10F., NO.392, Sec.1, Neihu Rd., Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


3. Trophy & Prize︰

1. Champion trophy 、 Prize NT$3,000

2. Second place trophy 、 Prize NT$2,000

3. Third place trophy 、 Prize NT$1,000