2015/10/24~26 Employee Trip Of Men-Chuen Luzhu Factory

  With the coming of our annual Luzhu employee trip , first day we visited a farm in Toucheng . Showing our innovation and passion by rubbing T-shirt and bags with wild plants . We handmade fruit vinegar with fruits of the season , feeling the atmosphere of farm and the joy of DIY . Second day we went to Cueifong lake which named the most beautiful lake of Taiwan as well , feeling the rise and fall of sun and the beauty of the weather . Take a walk , enjoy the amusement park and bath in the phytoncide . Last day we scheduled all the staffs to visit old Caoling tunnel . We enjoyed the moment that felt like traveling back to the old times when we could hear the sound of the train, step into the nature and soak into that atmosphere We believed that all the staffs release their mind and get closer to each other by surrounded with nature in this three day trip .