2015/12/13 Men-Chuen united sports competition

一、Object Of Activity︰

This year we break the tradition , arranging Taipei division , Guishan knitting factory and Nankan dyeing factory to participate the activity all together by the type of friendship tournament . We hold basketball and tennis competition not only expend the scale also make all of our staffs can join with us . All the staffs can bring their members of family otherwise , people who don’t participate the competition can feel the lively atmosphere by cheering up for the players . Promoting the reaction between staffs from every plants indirectly . Passing our core value of caring for people . We shall make more close and stable contract with each other in the future .

二、Racing Content︰

1.Competetion: Badminton , Basketball

2.Date: 9:00AM~ 4:00PM Sunday Dec . 13th 2015

3.Location: Guang Ming Junior High School



1.First Place 1 medal , Badminton prize 1000 NTDS / person , Basketball prize 1200 NTDS / person

2.Second Place 1 medal , Badminton prize 800 NTDS / person , Basketball prize 1000 NTDS / person

3.Third Place 1 medal , Badminton prize 600 NTDS / person , Basketball prize 800 NTDS / person

 Participation Prize:Badminton prize 300 NTDS / person , Basketball prize 400 NTDS / person

championship of badminton


championship of basketball