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 City 338, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Continuous Improvements with the Dyeing and Finishing Department

In textile production, a knitted greige must undergo dyeing and heat setting processes. Men-Chuen employs various precision equipment and expanded factory buildings for the Dyeing and Finishing Department in 2013 and wastewater treatment facilities in 2014 to meet growing market demands.

Adherence to the Highest Levels of Quality

Although dyeing and finishing are not traditionally regarded as processes requiring high levels of precision, there are many variables as one progress from the yarn to knitted goods to dyed and finished textiles. Men-Chuen operates a professional chemical laboratory to carry out detailed analysis and testing of different batches of yarn, dyes, and auxiliaries before initiating production. ERP integration is also used to create a centralized control system, ensure real-time quality control, and ensure consistency of production quality and capacity.

Trends in Energy Saving, Carbon Reduction, And Environmental Friendliness

Factory machinery and equipment of various factory production steps were replaced with new versions on a regular basis. Our production processes are compliant with national laws, stringent requirements of sports brands around the world, and visions of peace and environmental sustainability promoted by various organizations around the world, thereby fulfilling demands and increasingly popular trends for energy saving and carbon reduction.