About Us

Men-Chuen is composed of Taipei headquarters, Luzhu dyeing & finishing manufacturing, Guishan knitting manufacturing and Vietnam manufacturing site. With specialized department assistance in every single business units, the company enable to reach the goals, increase manufacturing efficiency and accomplish its missions through different departments. Supporting by a strong and professional team, Men-Chuen is developing as an international business.

Men-Chuen Company Organization Chart



Responsibilities of various departments:


President Room:Responsible for short-term, mid-term and long-term strategic planning, implementation, monitoring and response.


General management:The executing unit of annual business plan and strategy, including the management of human resource and information security.


MGF Management Dept.:Ensuring the production progress and delivery to enhance the fluency of manufacturing and logistics.


Product Dept.:Developing innovation materials and multi-functional products which lead market trend.


Marketing Dept.:Promoting new fabrics and customizing product to meet special needs.


Sales Dept.:Order management and customer service for enhancing customers’ satisfaction.


Planning Dept.:Brand management and the integration of internal and external promotion.


Accounting & Finance Dept.:Planning and implementation of financial management, capital allocation and offering management accounting information.


Knitting MFG.:The previous process of the vertical production integration which provide excellent greige through standardize operation process to Dyeing & Finishing MFG.


Dyeing & Finishing MFG.:The center of the vertical production integration which produce high quality fabric products by dyeing and finishing.


Logistic Center:The final distribution of vertical production integration for shortening distribution and cycle time with logistics management.