No.2,Giang Dien Industrial Park,Trang Bom District,Dong
 Nai Province,Vietnam


Global Positioning and Capacities

In response to the growing importance of globalization and positioning, Men-Chuen formally established a new plant in Đồng Nai province in Vietnam in 2014. Vietnam has the geographical advantage of being a perfect marketing and sales channel, and has gradually become a major center of the global supply chain for knitted goods. Producing textiles in Vietnam allows for shorter delivery times as goods can be directly shipped to garment factories throughout Southeast Asia. Various trade deductions and bonuses are also provided from the American and European markets. Vertical integration of upstream, mid-stream, and downstream industries will allow Men-Chuen to maximize profits and service quality to all partnering suppliers.


Continuous Improvements for Production Equipment

To effectively boost production capacity, Men-Chuen pursued expansions and acquired additional equipment units in the Vietnamese plant in recent years. Large scale investments and integration have been made for knitting and weaving, dyeing and finishing, and laboratory equipment to build a comprehensive production line and supply chain with a total monthly production capacity of 330 tons of knitted goods per month. Since 2014, an annual growth of 3-5% for our dyeing and finishing capacities has been maintained, and we have made plans to achieve an output of 500 tons per month by 2016. The stable production capacity and supply of finished goods of the Vietnam facility makes it the key overseas production center of Men-Chuen.

Satisfying the Client’s Requirements

As printing and finishing in Vietnam has yet to reach full development, Men-Chuen acquired brand new digital printers and high-precision thermal transfer printing machinery from Italy. First-rate techniques, careful operations, stringent operations control and production procedures are combined to produce goods that exceed customer requirements. Printing services offered by Men-Chuen feature numerous competitive advantages such as minimal color differences and accurate and brilliant colors without any dimensional restrictions for print patterns nor conventional restrictions on color counts. Printing at Men-Chuen also comes with shorter production cycles and greener processing. Additionally, additional improvements to print precision have been planned to breakthrough current limitations and establish creative, new production processes with zero pollution and minimal water usage.