About Us
Men-Chuen Fibre Industry Co., Ltd was established in March 1987 and currently boasts capital of US$16.88 million.  A renowned textile knitting, and dyeing & finishing manufacturer, Men-Chuen is also an important importer and exporter of textiles. Our headquarters is in Neihu District, Taipei City, and our knitting, dyeing & finishing, and logistics factories are located in Taoyuan.Recently , the expasion of our manufactoring branch in Vietnam is targeting Taiwan for expanding to international market.

A Pioneer Responding to Changing Trends 

Popular fashion names as well as athletics and outdoor brands have recently began looking into the market for fashionable yet functional woven goods. Since 1987, Men-Chuen has upheld the principles of continuous improvement and customer first. We have continued commit ourselves to innovation, research, and development, building up plenty of experience and techniques that allow us to quickly respond to the requirements of the market and our clients. Our thorough and extensive understanding of the latest trends allow us to maintain our global competitiveness and leverage the advantages provided by our comprehensive production lines and supply chain to satisfy various customized requirements of the world’s leading sports brands.


Integrating Network Information with Expanding Production

As Men-Chuen continues to grow, we have taken the steps to achieve vertical integration of knitting, dyeing and finishing, and logistics phases of our production process. Comprehensive production line planning has been carried out in Taoyuan. Factory expansion is also accompanied by integration of our digital networks to ensure faster and more convenient flow of information throughout the entire Men-Chuen Group. Our recent efforts include overseas expansions that include the establishment of additional plants in Vietnam during 2014 to leverage the site’s advantages of faster delivery and shipment to Southeast Asia. By adopting a policy of stable growth, we have earned the trust of our clients over the years.


Industrial Leader in Production Standards

In Men-Chuen, we adopted various international management systems and standards to help achieve corporate-level improvements to quality, environment, and management performance, enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and optimize cost. We also use a system-level approach to predict potential risks to improve corporate business management. We also introduced the latest automated and computerized production equipment from other countries, and furnished a test facility accredited to standards and certification of various international brands. The use of world-leading technologies allows us to provide world-class production standards, supply our clients more competitive products, and attain the objective of worldwide business and sales operations of


Green and Sustainable Development

Men-Chuen has kept up with the latest developments and spared no effort in upholding corporate social responsibility to provide our children and future generations with a healthier and happier lifestyle. We use only non-toxic, safe, and easily biodegradable dyestuffs, auxiliaries, and raw materials to promote the production of environment-friendly and green products. Men-Chuen Fibre Industry will continue to uphold the spirit of creative innovation and people first principles, using practical actions to fulfill the spirit of sustainable corporate management.