About Us
Towards a Globally Integrated Production Model

Since its establishment in 1981, the MDS Group has continued to expand into overseas markets. We pursued vertical integration of our knitting, dyeing, finishing, and logistics businesses as a part of our corporate sales plan to build a corporate organization for the entire MDS Group.Shin-Yji, Den-Lee Dyeing & Finishing, and Men-Chuen Fibre Industry underwent 2 rounds of corporate mergers to establish a new milestone in the history of the Group. The founding of Men-Chuen Viet Nam serves as another critical indicator for corporate globalization.

Horizons Establishment of the E-business Platform

The Horizons e-business platform was established in 2015. The mission of the platform is to achieve life, happiness, and sustainability and create a place where we can communicate and share ideas with our designers. The origins of Horizons can be traced to the nature of Men-Chuen Fibre Industry as a leading supplier of renowned sports brands from across the world and our strong and widely recognized reputation in the global market. We therefore expect this platform to keep growing and get in touch with the terminal market to promote unique brands supported by the excellent quality of MIT name so that we may live up to our corporate spirit of sustainability.