Quality management/inspection and technology

Men-Chuen’s vigorous quality control and inspection during the entire manufacturing processes ensures the delivery of top quality to our customers.

  • Quality management/inspection and technology
  • Technology and equipment for inspection
Rigorous quality management and inspection:

Men-Chuen’s laboratory is built with standardized equipment, SOP and personnel training program. Through rigorous Quality Management System and comprehensive testing program, we are able to ensure the quality and safety of our product meet our customer’s need.

Seeking accreditation and certification is our goal. Our laboratory is certified/accredited by laboratory certification program lead by several major brands, including NIKE, ADIDAS, PUMA, UNDER ARMOUR....etc. Our laboratory also meet the requirements of international standards such as ISO, AATCC and ASTM.

  • Washing Fastness
  • Perspiration Fastness
  • Water Fastness
  • Crocking Fastness
  • Light Fastness
  • Sublimation Fastness
  • Dye Migration During Storage
  • PH Value

  • Pilling
  • Snagging
  • Bursting Strength
  • Elasticity / Recovery

  • Wash Shrinkage
  • Heat Shrinkage

  • Color Assessment-Visual
  • Color Assessment-Digital
  • Visual Assessment