Environmental Security

Men-Chuen has truly realized its responsibilities towards environmental protection by minimizing environmental pollution, contamination, and increasing resource recycling and reusing.

Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

Men-Chuen Fibre Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that Weaving, Dyeing and Finishing, Processing and R&D those special functional fabrics, our products supplied to the well-known professional sports brand in the world.

Our company located in Neihu, Taipei, we have others professional production branch in Taoyuan area that produce Weaving, Dyeing and Finishing, Logistics, etc. We promise that compliance with regulatory requirements, with philosophy of pollution prevention and risk management, continue improve in environmental health and safety operation activities, provide a safe and comfortable working environment to employees.

We promise that:

To protect the natural environment and resources, will using those dyeing auxiliaries raw materials there're more Non-Toxic and easy to decompose, and also the raw materials that all bring minimum impact to the environment, due to the safety consideration, will improve the management and control, so that can achieve our ultimate goal which is producing green products.

Implementation the LEAN management through the production process, continus to reduce pollution emissions and amount of waste generated, and strive to use recycled materials. To promote environmental, health and safety education (EHS) and create a good culture of EHS, Men-Chuen advocate “People-Oriented Management Style”, improved their functions through education training, put the greatest efforts to let every employees to achieve their self-worth, together create a corporate culture with human touch, and increase employees sense of belong to promote enterprise productivity, gradually achieve company's objective which sustainable development.

Implementation risk of management, doing preparation for hazard control and prevention, prevent the work-related injuries. Unhealthy, diseases and accidents occur, provide a good working environment in order to protect the health of each employee.

Implement the management principles of PDCA, uphold the spirit of continuous improvement, establish and maintain an effective system of management, make sure that the process of products, activities and services of the company are in line with the government laws and regulations that relevant requirements matters.

Chien-Chun Liu