2021 May.


Interview by Dong Nai Electronic Newspaper

It’s a pleasure that Men-Chuen Vietnam Co., Ltd. Manager Mr. Sam Lee, was interviewed by Dong Nai Electronic Newspaper. In this interview, we presented Men-Chuen’s expanded investment plan in Vietnam and our view regarding the benefits of Free Trade Agreement. 6 years ago, Men-Chuen chose to invest in Dongnai, Vietnam as its major business site in Vietnam, because it is a major textile industry center and also its convenience as transportation hub to a lot of provinces and cities.

Due to COVID-19 in year 2020, the textile industry faced a major challenge. However, Vietnam was able to keep the pandemic under good control, which reduced trade losses for businesses, and even encouraged customers to move their orders to Vietnam. For this reason, Men-Chuen enhanced investment and chose to build the dyeing and finishing facility in Nhon Trach, which completed our production line in Vietnam.
News Interview