2021 February.10 -

The Best time of our life -Accompanying family

Introduction -

Why is it important to be close to your family?

A close family bonding promotes feelings of self-worth and helps children learn social skills.
Our brain releases oxytocin when we feel loved by someone. Research shows that building trust and contentment among families will foster positive attitude and feelings in children.

What is the Best Fabric for Sleepwear and Pajamas?

drirelease ® is an excellent option for use in sleepwear due to its unique technology in blending of synthetic and natural fibers. The excellent skin touch with quick-dry characteristics will bring you joy and comfort during your precious family bonding moments. 
● drirelease ® COTTON
● drirelease ® LYOCELL
● drirelease ® NAIA
● drirelease ® LINEN
● drirelease ® SILK
● drirelease ® WOOL