2021 Nov.


Men-Chuen Online Demonstration – New York


Textile – Special online demonstration in New York 2021

  Men-Chuen is dedicated to design and develop specialized fabrics. For this New York online demonstration, we present our special fabrics in garments.
  Outfit for sports competition, for example baseball games, tops with special phrases dedicated to your love ones, clothes with special images.......etc., specially designed garments for all kinds of personality, such as working professionals, friendly people, vegetable haters, weight-sensitive dieters, movie lovers, outdoor persons and animal lovers..... Besides that, people looking for special designs such as interesting designs to curb boredom when standing in line, skyscraper with tie-dye effects, designs with Taiwanese culture such as street food, drinks and scenic views..... any kind of creativity... Men-Chuen’s design team will help you design your personalized, interesting fabrics!